School Uniform

Wearing our uniform respectfully:

- Hair will be of a natural colour, with no extremes of style.

- The only jewellery permitted is one plain gold/silver stud in each ear and a wristwatch.

- Make up and nail polish are not permitted.

- Students are to be clean shaven.

- Long sleeved shirts are to be worn tucked in.

- A plain white t-shirt may be worn as an underneath layer (short sleeved).

- Skirts must be of a reasonable length – just above or below the knee.

- Sandals are to be black or brown with a back-strap that is to be worn up.

- Boys’ shoes will be completely black, flat, lace-up and able to take a shine/polish. School socks are to be worn pulled up.

- Girls’ shoes are to be completely black, flat and able to take a shine/polish. Black opaque tights may be worn in winter as an alternative to school socks, which are to be worn pulled up.

- The regulation Inglewood High School Jacket is able to be purchased through the school office.

2023 School Uniform Pricelist.pdf