Our Values

What we Value at Inglewood High School

As a school community we agree that these are the things that we value most at Inglewood High School:

Manaakitanga - Respect

Care for others and the environment, to show kindness and hospitality and treating people with respect.

Ora - Confidence

To be healthy, fit, well and to have confidence in yourself. To have a healthy lifestyle

Ako - Excellence

To learn and strive for excellence in any life situation. Teaching and sharing knowledge with others.

The Moa

Our values at Inglewood High School take their name from the Moa. Inglewood High School belongs to the learning community Te Kahui Ako o Kōhanga Moa and has strong links with the local Te Kōhanga Moa Marae. The town of Inglewood was formerly known as Moatown, and the moa has been and continues to be a popular symbol for businesses and clubs in Inglewood. This MOA logo and other moa can be seen around the school on posters, flags and murals.

MOA Values in action

This matrix unpacks what our MOA Values look like in all areas of school life. It shows what we expect from ourselves and others.

IHS Matrix v4.pdf

Positive Behaviour For Learning (PB4L)

The MOA Values were adopted as part of the PB4L programme

The purpose of PB4L at Inglewood High School is to create an environment where respectful relationships, learning and independence are sources of pride. Our aim is to encourage and nurture the growth of active, engaged, and respectful/resilient learners who strive for excellence in their education and in their community.