Junior Diploma

Inglewood High School Junior Diploma

Information for Students and Parents.

All Year 10 students work towards gaining an Inglewood High School Junior Diploma. These awards are presented at the junior prize-giving.

In addition, the Junior Diploma can also be awarded with ‘distinction’ (for outstanding performance) and three special prizes are awarded to the top academic Year 10 student (Junior Dux) and the two top all round students.

Rationale and purpose:

At Inglewood High School we want to develop well-rounded, thinking and participating citizens. We want our students to participate fully in school life and to aim for excellence in the classroom. This is why we give extra points to outstanding performances or pieces of work. 

Point Cut offs:

To achieve a junior diploma, a student needs an overall total of 100 points.

To achieve a junior diploma with distinction, a student needs an overall total of 185 points.

How the points are awarded:

A: Academic Performance.

Grades from TWO assessments for each module you take in Year 10 will count towards the Junior Diploma. Where more than two assessments occur in a module, the teacher will select the two that will be taken into consideration for the calculation.

B. Sporting and Cultural participation/achievement.

Students also gain points in other areas, including sports participation and performance, the performing arts such as music and public speaking, as well as attendance and participation in subject-related competition.


Perfect attendance in a term – 3 points

Near perfect attendance in a term (not more than two days absence) – 2 points

Not more than 4 full days absence – 1 point

Winning a “Fairplay” award as a member of a school team – 3 points

Selection as a Taranaki representative – 3 points (can be additional to participation in a sports team)

Selection as a New Zealand representative – 4 points (can be additional to participation in a sports team)

Participation in a school sports/cultural team (includes debating/music) – 3 points per activity

Member of school ‘A’ team – 4 points

Individual or small group performance in Whanau cultural competition – 2 points

Finalists of junior speech competition – 3 points (The winner can be expected to gain 5 points.)

Librarian – 2 points

Certificates in Australian competitions (English, maths etc) – participation = 1 point, credit = 2 points, distinction = 3 points, and high distinction = 4 points.

Nomination for Principal’s award – 3 point per nomination

Learning a musical instrument (2 points)

Kapahaka group (2 points)

Participation in a TSSSA activity (2 points) with bonus points for placing in the top three (1 bonus point for 3rd, 2 bonus points for 2nd, and 3 bonus points for 1st.)

Community service – such as being part of yellow ribbon group (2 points per item)

School Council (3 points for the girl and boy representative)

Canteen Volunteers (2 points)

Young Enterprise (2 points)

Maths Spectacular Quiz (2 points)

Science and Technology Roadshow/Science Fair (2 points)

Diligence Award – All Levels

To earn ‘Diligence’, students are to have applied themselves throughout the the year and given of their best effort consistently.

Distinction Award

Students are to have earned Merit or Excellence grades in at least 75% of all assessments, including internals and practice examinations, as shown on the results column of their reports, with no N’s (Not Achieved).

Special Awards

Teachers in charge of subject areas which have trophies and prizes awarded at the end of year prize giving will be asked to nominate the winner of the trophy/prize.

There may be other worthy activities that are not listed above, that may be considered for points towards the diploma, and this will be at the discretion of the junior diploma committee – Deputy Principal, Curriculum Coordinator and appropriate Dean.

For additional information, please feel free to see/contact Mr Haddon (email gareth.haddon@inglewoodhs.school.nz)