Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees

The triennial election for the School’s Board of Trustees was held in May 2019 to convene a new Board to undertake the governance of the School for the next three years.

The following comprise the Inglewood High School Board of Trustees:

Mel Cook Parent Representative and Chair

Rosey Mabin - Principal

Barry Gladding - Parent Representative and Deputy Chair

Stephanie Michel - Parent Representative

Grant Kenny - Parent Representative

Julie Knight - Parent Representative

Charlotte Forsyth - Parent Representative

Zara van Koppen - Student Representative

Angela Hayes - Teacher Representative

Hazel Hayward - Board Secretary

The Board takes pride in the achievements of the school and strives to present a campus that is an environment conducive to enjoyable teaching and learning.

We are known for setting high standards of conduct and performance. Our goal is to prepare our young people for their future beyond our gates and into the world of further learning or vocation.

Whilst we are considered a small rural high school, we do not lack enthusiasm and resolve to ensure we are the best we can be and provide an all-round education to the highest standards. Our staff and students are our greatest resource and it is a privilege to support and nurture them through sound governance.

These goals and values are embedded in our School Charter.

Board Policies and procedures