Board of Trustees

The triennial election for the School’s Board of Trustees was held in May 2019 to convene a new Board to undertake the governance of the School for the next three years.

The following comprise the Inglewood High School Board of Trustees:

Mr Mel Cook (Board Chairman)
Miss Rosey Mabin (Principal)
Mr Paul Adams (Teacher Representative)
Jack Bishop (Student Representative)
Mrs Charlotte Forsyth (
Parent Representative)
Mr Barry Gladding (Parent Representative)
Mrs Hazel Hayward (Board Secretary)
Mr Grant Kenny (Parent Representative)
Mrs Julie Knight (Parent Representative)
Mrs Stephanie Michel (Parent Representative)

Board meetings are held in public, usually in the school library and open to any interested party to attend. The provisions of Part 7 of the Local Government Official Information and Meeting Act 1987 apply. The Board Chair presides at the meeting and the Chair’s decision on procedural matters is final. For meeting dates please contact the Board Secretary.

Members of the public are entitled to attend the Board meetings to observe. However they are not entitled to take part in the meeting (unless the Board resolves to grant them speaking rights) or remain in the meeting room when the Board meeting goes ‘in committee’.