Studying at Inglewood High School

Inglewood High School has a reputation for providing a caring and safe environment that places the students needs at the heart of everything we do. This creates an environment where students enjoy coming to school every day and as a result they excel in a variety of areas. We offer a wide range of academic, cultural and sporting opportunities throughout the year. Inglewood High School offers an exciting and rewarding experience for international students.

Academic Success
Here at Inglewood High we perform extremely well nationally in relation to our NCEA grades. 2016 saw us produce our best NCEA results for Level 1, 2 and 3 to date (see below). The 2018 results, also very competitive against other New Zealand Schools, is below.

2018 NCEA Results

2016 NCEA Results

New Zealand Education System
The New Zealand education system is highly ranked world wide due to the high quality teachers, the range of subjects taught and the balance of academic and practical learning. 

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Inglewood High School offers the National Certificate of Education Achievement to our students. Our highly qualified staff support students success throughout the year by ensuring each student is given a programme that enables them to achieve their short term and long term goals. Each student is closely monitored with a focus on ensuring they are gathering the required credits at the level they are capable of. Read more about NCEA here.

Vocational Pathways
Inglewood High School fully supports students and their chosen Vocational Pathways. Our forward thinking and future focused timetable allows students to learn in an environment that is appropriate to their needs. The Vocational Pathways provide students with new ways to achieve NCEA Level 1, 2 and 3 and develop pathways that progress to further study, training and employment. Read more about Vocational Pathways here.

Course Selection
At Inglewood High School, students are given a wide range of subject options. We encourage them to choose the subjects that are required for further education, whether that be at a Tertiary provider or in a workplace. We support our International Students to choose their subjects before arriving in New Zealand. For a Subject Progression chart click here.